A new resolution was passed on 22/1/2017 unanimously by the managing committee to reimburse medical expenses as following :- 1. Medical relief up to a total of Rs 25,000/- per annum to any member (and his direct family) of Jagruti Mandal. 2. Education aid Maximum Rs 30,000 or actual whichever is lower per family per annum w.e.f. 02.06.2018. 3. All the above reliefs will be through an approval of management committee of the Mandal. 4. For claiming the above-mentioned relief application you can contact – Jagdishbhai Chapatwala: +91 93222 39338 and Dineshbhai Dadarwala: +91 93222 13237. 5. This resolution would be effective from 22/1/2017 onwards.
Charity Drive - 8/10/ 2022 for Jeevan Jyot Cancer Relief and Care Trust | Shri Surati Modh Vanik Jagruti Mandal - Mumbai

Charity Drive – 8/10/ 2022 for Jeevan Jyot Cancer Relief and Care Trust

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This year’s SSMVJM – Mumbai charity drive was conducted for Jeevan Jyot Cancer Relief and Care Trust.  It is a registered charitable trust who help people with food, accommodation, medicines & guidance for cancer treatment. They serve lunch, dinner and turmeric milk to around 600 cancer patients daily. They fulfill their basic needs and also give them moral support. They conduct Blood Donation drives. They have also setup a toy bank for cancer affected children wherein they can come and play. Since last 35 years, the trust tries to bring ray of hope and joy in life to the cancer patients.
The members of SSMVJM -Mumbai participated in the charity drive organised by their president Mrs. Prabhavati Patel. All the donations – monetary or material were voluntary & personally contributed by the members.

The donations given by SSMVJM members were as follows:

  1. Jagruti Asmani                                                 2500/-
  2. Prabhaben Patel                                               2500/-
  3. Dimple Patel                                                     2500/-
  4. Deepa Khatiwala                                              2500/-
  5. Madhavi Modi                                                  2500 /-
  6. Ilaben Gandhi                                                  10,000/-
  7. Varini Patel                                                       2500/-
  8. Vishwas Patel                                                   5000/-
  9. Kalpesh Patel                                                    5,000/-
  10. Kshitij Chetan Bhagat                                     2500/-
  11. Varshaben Lapsiwala                                      2500/-
  12. Janakbhai Dhabuwala                                    2,500/
  13. Daminiben Dhabuwala                                   2500/-
  14. Kiranben Patel                                                  2500/-
  15. Rohiniben Papaiya                                           5000/-
  16. Ushaben khatiwala                                          1000/-
  17. Rajul Lienswala                                                2500/-
  18. Geetaben Chapatwala                                      2500/-
  19. Ashaben Khatiwala                                          5000/-
  20. Nayanbhai Khambati                                      2500/-
  21. Pravinaben Modi                                              1000/-
  22. Keya khatiwala                                                  1000/-
  23. Hriday khatiwala                                              1000 /-
  24. Parish Mehta & Co( Kashmira Mehta)         21,000/-
  25. SSMVJM also donated 5000/- towards the from the Mandal fund.


  • Fruits sponsored by Aakash & Aditi Khatiwala
  • Cakes sponsored by Prabhaben Patel
  • Biscuits sponsored by Ashaben Khatiwala


The Mandal and it’s members voluntarily & personally contributed Medicines, Fruits, Cakes, Biscuits & Money for Medicines (Approx 80,000) for their betterment. At present 150 cancer children patients were admitted in the cancer ward .

We are thankful to the members of the Mandal for the overwhelming support both in cash & kind.

Thus, the drive proved to be deeply satisfying for both the SSMVJM members and the Jeevan Jyot Cancer Relief Trust members.


Jeevan Jyot Cancer Relief Trust
5/6, Kondaji chawl,
Jerbai Wadia road,
Near Tata hospital,
Opp.Petrol pump,
Parel, Mumbai-400012.

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