A new resolution was passed on 22/1/2017 unanimously by the managing committee to reimburse medical expenses as following :- 1. Medical relief up to a total of Rs 25,000/- per annum to any member (and his direct family) of Jagruti Mandal. 2. Education aid Maximum Rs 30,000 or actual whichever is lower per family per annum w.e.f. 02.06.2018. 3. All the above reliefs will be through an approval of management committee of the Mandal. 4. For claiming the above-mentioned relief application you can contact – Jagdishbhai Chapatwala: +91 93222 39338 and Dineshbhai Dadarwala: +91 93222 13237. 5. This resolution would be effective from 22/1/2017 onwards.
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Shri Surati Modh Vanik Jagruti Mandal have decided to upload all their forms on website. You can click on the respective form, download it, fill up and courier it to the concerned person written in all forms. Thanks.

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