A new resolution was passed on 22/1/2017 unanimously by the managing committee to reimburse medical expenses as following :- 1. Medical relief up to a total of Rs 25,000/- per annum to any member (and his direct family) of Jagruti Mandal. 2. Education aid Maximum Rs 30,000 or actual whichever is lower per family per annum w.e.f. 02.06.2018. 3. All the above reliefs will be through an approval of management committee of the Mandal. 4. For claiming the above-mentioned relief application you can contact – Jagdishbhai Chapatwala: +91 93222 39338 and Dineshbhai Dadarwala: +91 93222 13237. 5. This resolution would be effective from 22/1/2017 onwards.
Annual Sneh-Sammelan – 10/11/2019 | Shri Surati Modh Vanik Jagruti Mandal - Mumbai

Annual Sneh-Sammelan – 10/11/2019

This year’s Sneh Samelan Function was held on 10.11.2019 at Keshav Gore Trust hall, Goregoan.

It was energetic with full of games & entertainment. The registration counter was handled by Mr. Shailesh Shroff, Mr. Bharat Randeria, Mr. Vinubhai Chloksi, Mr. Mukesh Choksi. On registration, all the members were given Gift of herbal kit which was sponsored by NIMCO – Harish G. Kotwani. Master of Ceremony was our treasurer Mr. Sanjay Khatiwala, he started Programme by welcoming all the members wishing Happy DEEPAWALI as well as Best wishes for the coming year. Mr. Khatiwala invited our mandal President Mr. Dineshbhai Dadarwala, Joint President Mrs. Prabhavatiben Patel & IPP as well as Joint President Mr. Nayanbhai Khambati to light the auspicious lamp giving message of the betterment of all the Members. Our M.C. Mr. Khatiwala invited Mr. Vinubhai Chokhawala & Mrs. Kusumben Chokhawala to perform the AARTI.

Soon after that, Labdhiben Shah from Surat was invited for games & entertainment. All the members participated in the games & enjoyed. Winners were given herbal Cosmetics kit which was sponsored by NIMCO – Mr. Harish G. Kotwani.

After that Break was taken and Our M. C. Sanjay Khatiwala invited our secretary Mr. Bharat Randeria for students Felicitation. There were so many students for felicitation from 10th, 12th & graduation & a special subject. All the students were honored with trophy & certificate thorough the hands of mandal members. All these beautiful trophy & certificate were developed by secretary Mr. Bharat Randeria. Along with that, our sponsor Nimco has also given a special herbal kit to all the students.

Our M. C. Mr. Sanjay Khatiwala Invited, President Mr. Dinesh Dadarwala to say few Words, President Dadarwala congratulated all the students for their achievements & given best wishes to add on such feathers to their cap of success. President Dadarwala given motivational speech giving message for eagerness, willingness, enthusiasm to hard work, Karma & not to depend 100% on luck by giving example of our Indian President Radhakrishna, his mother was so eager that how much my son will be successful in education & she went to palmist – Jyotish to know about, along with her son. Regarding education that Jyotish saw the palm – a hand of the child and told his mother he will not study much more as there is no education line in his hand. So they return home with sad feelings. But that child went to kitchen & made cut on his palm. He told his mother that see this is my education line, God might have forgotten so that I made it. After that, child studied M.A. in PHILOSOPHY. He gave a lecture to Oxford University. So, he got so many achievements in education. After Independence in 1952, he was elected as first Vice-President of India & In 1962, he became the second President of India.

The second Example was given for DR. Cairo – NEOROPHYSICIAN from the USA. He was from Egypt coming from very poor farmer family. They were not having enough money even not enough food but, that child struggled too much for food, education & reached to USA. He studied for medical & became successful well-renowned doctor in USA.

At the end of a motivational speech, Dadarwala gave a message of ‘’MARCHING FOR BETTERMENT’’ for sports & studies particularly for IAS, IPS ANY OTHER HIGH RANKING ACHIEVEMENTS MANDAL WILL HELP THEM.

After that, Mr. Harish G. Kotwani owner of M/s. NIMCO introduced the Company & their products who have sponsored the welcome & students gifts.

At last, our committee member chartered accountant Mr. Bhupesh Mody gave the vote of thanks for the program who has given their services directly or indirectly. After that, he requested to donate generously for mandal for the charity activity.

Committee member Mrs. Deepaben Khatiwala has taken lots of efforts for the arrangement of Gifts sponsor NIMCO & Labdhiben Shah. Secretary, Mr. Bharat Randeria has taken good efforts to make beautiful trophies as well as certificates. Good photography was taken by member Mr. Chiragbhai Lawana. All the members had delicious Surati dinner with Salampak & disbursed with well and warm wishes.